Ms. Shannon grew up in Provo, Utah. She even attended Adventure Time when she was a child. She has been working here for 9 years and has been our director for a year! She wants every child to feel like they belong in their class and that each of their voices are 



Assistant Director

Ms. Mary was born in Texas and moved to Utah when she was 8. She has four beautiful boys. She graduated from Utah Valley University in Early Childhood Education. She loves seeing children's minds learn and explore in a safe and healthy environment. She has been working at

Adventure Time since 2017.


Assistant Director

Ms. Ireland grew up in Kearns, Utah. She has two adorable children, and has been working at Adventure Time since 2016. She has been working in childcare for several years, and believes the most important thing about teaching is trust between teacher and student. When children trust you, they are more comfortable and

ready to learn!



Ms. Bonnie grew up in Arizona and is studying Political Science at Brigham Young University.  She loves school and hopes to become a professor or a teacher. She plays violin and loves to read and play with kids.



Ms. Melanie is from California, and has a younger brother. She is currently in her second year at the BYU Salt Lake Center. Ms. Melanie is studying Elementary education, and is excited for the day that she'll become a teacher! 



AM Floater

Ms. Anna has grown up all over, but mostly in California and Germany. She is studying Sociology at BYU with a minor in Philosophy. She loves to ski, run, hike, camp, rock climb, and skateboard. She thinks it is important to remember and understand that kids are always learning!


PM Floater

Ms. Meghan loves working at Adventure Time! She loves working with children because of their compassion and empathy. She loves being a part of the team that helps them develop those  skills.


AM Floater

Ms. Kasyn was born in American Fork and raised in Payson. She has 3 sisters, 1 step sister, 2 step brothers, 2 half sisters, and 6 nieces and nephews. She loves working with kids and would love to continue teaching.



Ms. Patricia is our super awesome cook! She is from Mexico, and is excellent at ensuring our kids receive healthy meals and snacks that will give them energy throughout the day.

Substitute Teachers



Ms. Rebekah grew up in Oregon. She is currently studying Early Childhood Education at Brigham Young University. Ms. Rebekah believes childhood is a critical time of development for children, and having a good teacher is vital! She aspires to lead by example to each of her students.



Ms. Jennifer grew up in Utah and is the 7th of 8 kids. She is currently getting her bachelor's in English at Brigham Young University. She loves reading. She believes the best way to promote learning is by creating a safe and

happy environment.



Ms. Lizzie is currently at Utah Valley University studying Special Education. She wants all her students to have fun, put in effort, and make connections. She always tries to create an environment where every child can feel included 

and loved.



Ms. Sarah grew up in St. George, UT and has 6 siblings. Sarah is studying History at UVU and can speak Russian and Lithuanian. She loves to read, bike, dance, and play piano. She thinks it is most important to listen to kids, because all kids have bright ideas!

Meet the Owners

Lance & Erica Stewart

Owning Adventure Time is a dream come true for us in so many ways. Lance has always been passionate about helping children succeed. He has taught children of all ages in four different countries, in both traditional classrooms and other non-traditional settings. He also has had many experiences as a successful entrepreneur and in the public policy/political space, including time spent as an education policy consultant for Governor Herbert. He has a Bachelor of Science in Economics, a Master of Business Administration, and a Juris Doctorate, all from BYU. Erica is originally from Olympia, Washington. She earned her degree in Sociology from BYU and loves to volunteer. Some of the places she has volunteered include Habitat for Humanity, the Kaiizen Foundation where she worked at an orphanage in Mexico, Slate Canyon Youth Center where she counseled incarcerated youth who were preparing to be released, and several elementary schools where she helps out in her children’s classrooms.