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Current Staff


Ms. Ireland


Staff- Ireland.jpeg

Ms. Ireland grew up in Kearns, Utah. She has two adorable children, and has been working at Adventure Time since 2016. She has been working in childcare for several years, and believes the most important thing about teaching is trust between teacher and student. When children trust you, they are more comfortable and

ready to learn!

Ms. Priscilla

Staff- Priscilla H. .jpeg

Assistant Director

Ms. Priscilla is from Virginia! She is currently studying Applied Business Management. Ms. Priscilla loves how unique each child is, and believes that postive reinforcement is a good way to guide a child's behavior. 


Mrs. Victoria


Ms. Victoria is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has been working at Adventure Time since 2021. She is currently studying at BYU. Ms. Victoria loves working with children because they are fun and loving! 


Ms. Brooke

Staff Brooke S. .jpeg

Ms. Brooke is from Wamego, Kansas.  She loves working with children because she believes that children are impressionable. She wants to be able to be a good figure in the lives of the children.


Ms. Chelsea


Ms. Chelsea is from Alabama! She has been in the education field for 12 years and currently is going to college working on her bachelor degree in History! She believes that all students can learn and want to learn. 


Mrs. Patricia



Ms. Patricia is our super awesome cook! She is from Mexico, and is excellent at ensuring our kids receive healthy meals and snacks that will give them energy throughout the day. She has been with us for over 6 years!

AM Floater

Ms. Allyse

Ms. Allyse is from Payson, Utah. She comes from a big! She loves to learn! She loves to be around kids and learn from them! She hopes to one day become a kindergarten teacher! She loves to play volleyball with her mom! She believes that it is important to teach in a pace that help children learn.

Ms. Liz

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Ms. Liz is from Provo, Utah. After she graduated from high school in 2021, she tutored elementary school students. She believes that a good education is a foundation for a better future. She also believes if you are teaching not only should you be touching the minds of these children but their hearts as well. 

Ms. Meghan

PM Floater

Staff- Meghan K.jpeg

Ms. Meghan loves working at Adventure Time! She loves working with children because of their compassion and empathy. She loves being a part of the team that helps them develop those  skills.

Mr. Jaxson



Mr. Jaxson is from Salt Lake City. He likes cinema and skiing! Mr. Jaxson has experience with wood working, furniture assembly, and other contract work. He looks forward to providing and maintaining a safe environment

for our students! 

Mr. Cooper



Mr. Cooper is from Provo, Utah. He likes to go hiking and fixing old things! Someone that inspires him is his dad! He has experience working as a mechanic and working with vintage video game consoles.  

Substitute Teachers

Ms. Bethany



Ms. Bethany was born in Fountain Valley, California. She is currently studying Art Education at BYU. She likes Hallmark movies and going to Hobby Lobby! Ms. Bethany loves spending time with kids and seeing how kind and sweet they are! 


Mrs. Lizzie



Ms. Lizzie is from both Nebraska and the Provo area. She is the middle of 5 children and is studing Special Education at UVU. Ms. Lizzie has been caring for children for many years and feels like it goes along with her life aspirations. She loves to cook and paint landscapes!

Mrs. Janae



Ms. Janae is from Rexburg, Idaho! She currently works at an elementary school with the Provo school district. She believes that it is important to help children feel happy and safe.

Ms. Kaysn



Ms. Kasyn is from American Fork but grew up in Payson, Utah. She comes from a big family! Her favorite memories as a child would be the many fun activites she would do with her family. 

Ms. Aspen



Ms. Aspen is from Boise, Idaho. She is a senior in the Social Work Program at Utah Valley University. She has been  working at Adventure since 2021! She worked in a classroom and now works in the office! She enjoys spending time outdoors, such as hiking, camping, and skiing.

Ms. Melanie


Staff- Melanie.jpeg

Ms. Melanie is from Livermore, California. She has been working at Adventure Time since 2021. She is currently studying Elementary Education at BYU.  She is obtaining a minor in Dual Immersion to teach Spanish to elementary students!

Ms. Jenna



Ms. Jenna 

Ms. Paris



Ms. Paris grew up in a small town in east Texas! She grew up with her mother and her 3 younger siblings! She played soccer and rode horses all through high school! She is working on obtaining a degree in Early Childhood Education. 

Meet the Owners

Lance & Erica Stewart

Owning Adventure Time is a dream come true for us in so many ways. Lance has always been passionate about helping children succeed. He has taught children of all ages in four different countries, in both traditional classrooms and other non-traditional settings. He also has had many experiences as a successful entrepreneur and in the public policy/political space, including time spent as an education policy consultant for Governor Herbert. He has a Bachelor of Science in Economics, a Master of Business Administration, and a Juris Doctorate, all from BYU. Erica is originally from Olympia, Washington. She earned her degree in Sociology from BYU and loves to volunteer. Some of the places she has volunteered include Habitat for Humanity, the Kaiizen Foundation where she worked at an orphanage in Mexico, Slate Canyon Youth Center where she counseled incarcerated youth who were preparing to be released, and several elementary schools where she helps out in her children’s classrooms.

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